Guidance for Stakeholders for Commenting on the TBT Notifications

      As per the Agreement on Technical Barriers to trade, member countries can review and
      comment on each other's proposed regulations while the regulations are still in the draft
      stage and subject to revision. In this way, international transparency, international
      harmonization of standards, and international free trade are encouraged.

      Interested stakeholders are requested to see the WTO TBT Notifications from the WTO
      website. The TBT Notifications may be accessed from Documents Online from WTO website . Alternatively, TBT Notifications may be accesed by clicking on
      the following hyperlink,

      The Notifications may be examined on the following aspects:

                  Are these Notifications in accordance with International Standards ?
                  Are the requirements trade restrictive ?
                  Are they stricter than International Standards than necessary to
                         meet the legitimate objectives of:
                  Protection of human health or safety
                  Protection of Animal or Plant life or health
                  Protection of Environment
                  Prevention of deceptive practices
                  Are these Scientifically Justified ?

      Comments, if any may be forwarded to WTO TBT Enquiry Point at the following address:

      International Relations & Technical Information Services Department
      Bureau of Indian Standards, Manak Bhavan,
      9 Bahadur Shah Marg,
      New Delhi-11002 India

      Telephones: + (91 11) 232 30 342 / 232 31 082
      Fax: + (91 11) 232 39 399

      E-mail id: