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IS 17404 : 2020 ‘Electrogalvanized Hot Rolled and Cold Reduced Carbon Steel Sheets and Strips – Specification’.

IS 17404 : 2020 covers the requirements of hot rolled and cold reduced carbon steel sheets and strips coated with zinc by electrolytic process. The electrolytic process is a process in which a layer of zinc is bonded to steel in order to protect it against corrosion. The process involves electroplating, i.e. running a current of electricity through a saline/zinc solution with a zinc anode and steel conductor.

Electrogalvanized steel sheets are widely used for various applications such as automobiles, white goods, furniture, building construction, etc.

The major benefit of electro-galvanizing process is that lower and / or differential coating thicknesses can be achieved which is not usually possible by traditional hot dip galvanizing process. Through this process exceptionally uniform thickness of coating can be achieved. In addition, the coated sheet has a smooth, matte appearance similar to cold rolled sheet. In view of the above reasons, the sheets coated with this process are used where exceptional surface quality and high finish after painting is required.

This standard specifies different classes of coatings based on the coating mass/thickness. The standard also specifies chemical and mechanical requirements of the product. These sheets can also be supplied with various surface protection treatments such as painting, oiling, etc, as per the requirements of the customers.

In the formulation of this standard, assistance has been taken from various international standards, i.e. standards from ISO, ASTM, etc on the corresponding subject to ensure that the standard is in line with latest international practices.

Ministry of Steel is in the process of bringing the coated steel sheets conforming to this specification under mandatory certification by BIS and a draft Quality Control Order in this regard has already been issued by the Ministry.


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