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IS 18000 : 2020 Unified Digital Infrastructure – ICT Reference Architecture


A smart city is one that can effectively leverage technology, infrastructure, public policy, government and citizen engagement to create an urban environment that fosters economic growth & productivity, innovation, social mobility, inclusiveness, and sustainability.

Cities are complex entities having Diverse Stakeholders, Diverse Geographical Entities, Diverse Services and Business Processes, and Diverse ICT Technologies. While it is almost impossible to engineer a smart city from scratch, it will be possible to adopt the right architectural framework along with appropriate practices and policies to nudge the evolution towards smart cities.

The three key principles for facilitating such an Emergence/Evolution towards a smart city ecosystem are Interoperability, Composability, and harmonization that enables efficient and effective integration of various systems, components and services of a City.

This standard defines the reference architecture and models for information and communication technologies needed to realize a Unified Digital Infrastructure (UDI) in Smart Cities. The reference architecture includes functional reference models, technology reference models and information reference models. The standard offers a blueprint for realizing the unified digital infrastructure, but does not mandate any specific components. The reference architecture can also be used to define various levels of architectural maturity, based on which components are included, from a basic level to an advanced level of the unified digital infrastructure.

This standard will empower the stakeholders for achieving a harmonized, Secure, and sustainable Digital infrastructure that can serve as a template for both the City Administrators, who are the consumers of such ICT based solutions, as well as the ICT Solution Providers who develop and deploy such solutions.

Click here to download the standard.

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