Frequently Asked Questions

Major activities of Consumer Affairs Department are:

  • Consumer Awareness Programmes
  • Industry Awareness Programmes
  • Educational Utilization of Standards Programmes (EUS)
  • Consumer Protection
  • World Standards Day

CAD is an interface between BIS and consumers within the realm of BIS activities. The main objective of the Consumer Affairs Department is to educate consumers of BIS and protect their interests.

Consumer Affairs Department operates through its office at HQs and the nominated Public Grievance Officers at Regional and Branch Offices.

BIS has its HQ at Delhi, its five Regional Offices at Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai and 33 Branch Offices all over India details of which are available on BIS website (

BIS has a well established Citizen’s Charter which has been implemented for its various activities

BIS has ISI mark for Certification Scheme and hallmark for Hallmarking Scheme, which represents quality of ISI marked products and purity of the Hallmarked articles, respectively.

The Electronic products covered under Compulsory registration Scheme is marked with Registration Mark.

A person/firm who has interaction with BIS in any form like by purchase of BIS certified goods, BIS Licence holder, anybody availing other BIS services, are BIS consumer/ Customer.

The major types of complaints received at CAD are:

  • Misuse of BIS Standard Mark
  • Quality of BIS Standard Marked products
  • Services related to various activities of BIS
  • Misleading advertising having relevance to BIS/ BIS Standard Mark.
  • Services rendered by BIS officers and employees.

Complaint can be made both offline and online through post, email, mobile app or BIS Complaint Registration portal. Complaint can also be made in person by visiting the nearest Branch Office.

Primarily, complaint at BIS is processed through the following stages:

  • Receipt of complaint, acknowledgement of the complaint, recording of the complaint.
  • Investigation within the specified time norms by the concerned Branch Office(s).
  • Redressal of the complaint (as applicable).
  • Closure of the complaint. .
  • Prosecution (as applicable).

Yes, if a firm/Person is aggrieved of BIS service, he may lodge a complaint.

BIS has a Vigilance Department for handling such complaints. It is, therefore, advised that such complaints may be sent directly to Vigilance Department (e-mail:

While lodging a complaint, complainant should clearly provide all the relevant details of the grievance which may include:

  • Whether the complaint is related to ISI/BIS Standard Marked products or Services
  • If yes, details of BIS License no., batch no, date of manufacturing and other details mentioned on the product/article (or on the label) or the relevant details of service offered by BIS should be provided (If possible an image can be sent of the complained product/article elucidating all the markings on it).
  • The specific details of the complaint/grievance
  • Complete address of the complainant with landmark
  • The details of the purchase like address of the store, purchase bill etc, (where applicable),
  • The quantity under complaint and its availability of drawl during the course of investigation (where applicable)
  • Any other relevant information.

In case of Misuse of BIS Standard Mark, complete details of the manufacturer or the shop of purchase should be provided.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under the provisions of Sections 13 of the BIS Act, 2016 grants licence to use or apply a Standard Mark. Usage of BIS Standard Mark without a valid license from BIS or usage of colourable imitation thereof by a manufacturer amounts to misuse of the standard mark under the provisions of section 17 of the BIS Act, 2016.

Raids (Search and Seizure) are carried out on receipt of information from informers through written complaints, e-mails and through the website, online portal which are recorded centrally. The information received is verified through a discreet investigation which is followed by a raid. On completion of a successful raid, legal case is launched in the court of law under the BIS Act, 2016

BIS conducts Consumer Awareness programs across India through the network of its Regional and Branch offices

Awareness programmes focuses mainly on enhancing quality consciousness of consumers by highlighting issues of standardization, hallmarking or Gold of silver and educating them on the misuse of the BIS mark.

Bureau of Indian Standards organizes regular Awareness Programmes through its various Regional Offices/Branch Offices. Many of these awareness programmes are conducted in association with Consumer Organizations. These programmes focus on enhancing Quality conciousness of consumers by highlighting issues of Standardization, promotion of BIS Standard Mark, Hallmarking of Gold & Silver and educating them on the misuse of BIS Standard mark & Complaint Redressal System for products with BIS Standard Mark.

In the awareness programmes for industries / licencee of BIS, importance of standardization is explained to the industries and the difficulties faced in the operation of licence are also discussed.

Information regarding planned awareness programmes in an area can be obtained from nearest Branch Office of BIS for the area and can decide on the programme to attend.

In case complainant is not satisfied with the redressal of the complaint, he/she may appeal before ADG, BIS

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