Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has a full-fledged Consumer Affairs Department functioning at its HQ in New Delhi with Public Grievance Officers at all its Regional and Branch Offices to provide consumers with prompt attention and speedy redressal of their grievances/complaints.

Grievance/Complaint can be lodged regarding BIS certified products under various schemes or Services rendered by BIS, in the following manner:

  • Personally contacting/writing to Public Grievance officer of the nearest Regional/ Branch office of BIS or directly to the Head (Consumer Affairs Department).

The complaint can be lodged on the following:

  • Quality of BIS certified product.
  • Products under Registration Scheme.
  • Hallmarked products.
  • Services of BIS such as Sales, Library, Technical Information Servicesand General Services etc.
  • Activities of BIS such as Standards Formulation, Product and Management SystemsCertification,Laboratory testing etc.
  • Unauthorized use of BIS Standard Mark by licensees/applicants/others.
  • Irregularities in operation and misuse of license by BIS licensees.
  • False/misleading advertisements and claims by licensees/applicants/non-licensees.
  • Delays in grant/renewal of licenses and delays in inclusion of additional varieties.
  • The services rendered by BIS officers and employees

What are required for recording grievances (Complaints)

In case of product grievances (for category a, b & c above) :

  • Indicate the name/type/size/grade of the product, source and date of purchase and batch no.Licence number, whether Standard Mark Present or not, etc., in the complaint and also specify the nature of complaint.
  • Preserve the cash memo in case it is available.
  • Keep the product complained about and its packing in safe custody till the visit of an inspecting officer of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

In case of service related grievances (for category d above) :

  • Indicate the name/type of service availed in the complaint and also specify the nature of complaint.
  • Preserve the cash memo in case it is available.

In case of BIS service grievances (for category e above) :

  • Indicate the details of discrepancy observed along with other details which enable BIS to locate the problem area in the complaint

In case of complaints related to misuse of BIS Standard mark(for category f above)

  • Provide Complete details of Packaging and labelling including availability of Standard Mark.
  • Provide complete address (with landmark) of the retailer/dealer from where the product is purchased with purchase details like cash memo, etc.
  • Indicate complete address(with landmark) of the unit (manufacturing) where misuse of standard mark is taking place.

In case of complaints related to irregularities in operation of Licence and Misuse of Licence by licensees (for category g above)

  • Indicate the name of the firm with its BIS licence no and the details of the irregularities along with evidences(Photos, etc)

In case of False/ Misleading advertisements and claims (for category h above)

  • Indicate the manner and mode employed for the misleading advertisement.(print media/electronic media,social media etc).
  • Provide details of the address/ weblink . where the misleading advertisement is available.
  • Provide an image/copy of the misleading advertisement.

In case of delays (for category J above)

  • Indicate the name of the officer / employee/provide complete details with evidence of the incident and complaint.
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