Consumer Overview

Consumer overview

Bureau of Indian Standards as the National Standards Body of India, develops Indian Standards and implements standardization by operating various schemes like Product Certification, System Certification, Hallmarking and Compulsory Registration Scheme.

In its pursuit to provide services and benefits of Standardization and Certification to all its stakeholders, BIS has a Consumer Affairs Department.Consumer Affairs Department (CAD) handles various consumer related activities which includes redressal of public grievances,organizing various awareness programmes for the stakeholders of BIS and celebrating World Standards Day.

Consumer Affairs Department aims to achieve the following:

  • To establish, implement and review the Mission and Vision of the organization through Citizen Charter
  • To redress the complaints within the stipulated time as specified in the Citizen Charter
  • To organize Consumer Awareness, Educational Utilization and Industrial Awareness Programmes, as per the targets set for the department
  • To provide information on queries on various activities of the Bureau
  • To provide Consumer Feedback to the concerned Consumer Policy Related Committee at International Level from time to time

The various initiatives directed towards Consumer Awareness and Consumer Protection are as follows:

  • Consumer Awarenss Programmes

Promoting greater consumer awareness on the benefits of the usage of ISI marked products and enhancing quality consciousness among consumers are the main objectives of the programme. Emphasis is also given on cautioning consumers on the danger/ill-effects of using non ISI marked products. Of special importance is generating greater awareness amongst consumers in urban and rural areas about the Hallmarking Scheme of Gold and Silver jewellery/artefacts. These programmes are organized on a regular basis through the Regional and Branch Offices of BIS.

  • Industry Awareness Programmes

Industry Awareness Programmes are conducted for industry on the importance of standardization and management systems. Programmes consist of lectures and discussions. In addition, information and benefits of product certification schemes are also disseminated

  • Educational Utilization of Standards Programmes (EUS)

In order to inculcate greater understanding of the subject of standardization and its benefits students and faculty of various technical disciplines are exposed to its principles and concepts through EUS Programmes. Special emphasis is placed on the understanding of standards relevant to the concerned disciplines/institutions

  • World Standards Day

BIS celebrates the World Standards Day on 14 October to pay tribute to the collaborative efforts of thousands of experts worldwide, who develop voluntary technical agreements that are published as International or National Standards. BIS on this occasion also organizes seminar on the theme received from ISO. World Standards Day programmes are held across the country at BIS Regional and Branch Offices.

  • State Level Coordination Committee Meetings

Since the primary responsibility of implementing/enforcing various Quality Control Orders issued by the Central Government vests with the concerned state government agencies. BIS maintains regular interaction with the concerned State Authorities. The interactions serve the purpose of promoting the usage of ISI marked goods in the procurement process of the State Government agencies.

  • Enforcement Activities

Enforcement Activities

The BIS Standard Mark (ISI Mark) is a mark of quality. Consumers as well as the organized purchasers prefer ISI marked products. Some unscrupulous manufacturers try to deceive the consumers by producing and marketing products with ISI mark and Hallmark without obtaining license from BIS. In order to protect interests of consumers, BIS carries out search and seizure, as and when information on such malpractices is received. Prosecution in the Court of Law is launched against the offending firms after successful search and seizures.


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