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Dt of Raid

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2648 Ahmedabad Rubber Industries AHBO 04-04-2017 Ahmedabad Rubber Industries
2661 V S S Rubber Industries CNBO-I 10-04-2017 V S S Rubber Industries V S S Rubber Industries
2662 Pavans Hallmark Testing Unit CNBO-II 11-04-2017
2663 Subhadra Assaying and Hallmarking Centre BHBO 27-04-2017 Subhadra Assaying and Hallmarking Centre
2664 J P Water Company FRBO 26-04-2017
J P Water Company

J P Water Company
2665 Lexus Rubber Industries AHBO 18-04-2017 Lexus Rubber Industries Lexus Rubber Industries
2666 Gill Tiles Factory Centre CHBO-I 25-04-2017 Gill Tiles Factory
2667 S S Jadhav Foods Pvt Ltd PNBO 10-05-2017 S S Jadhav Foods Pvt Ltd
2668 Jai Enterprises LKBO 15-05-2017
Jai Enterprises
2669 Sarvottam Enterprises PTBO 18-05-2017 Sarvottam Enterprises Sarvottam Enterprises
2670 Shree Sai Industries AHBO 19-04-2017 Shree Sai Industries
2671 Sai Industries AHBO 18-04-2017
Sai Industries

Sai Industries
2672 Palliyambalam Gold and Diamond KOBO 17-05-2017
2673 Babaji Enterprises FRBO 06-06-2017 Babaji Enterprises Babaji Enterprises
2674 Darsh Enterprises BPBO 27-04-2017 Darsh Enterprises
2675 Shri Meenakshi Traders CNBO-II 02-06-2017 Shri Meenakshi Traders Shri Meenakshi Traders
2676 Rose Engineering Firm CNBO-II 03-06-2017 Rose Engineering Firm Rose Engineering Firm
2677 Rose International CNBO-II 03-06-2017 Rose International Rose International
2678 Dolphin Aqua BNBO 21-06-2017
Dolphin Aqua
2680 Buro Supply BNBO 21-06-2017
Buro Supply
Buro Supply
2682 Devlaxmi Wires & Cables BNBO 21-06-2017 Devlaxmi Wires & Cables
2682 Devlaxmi Wires & Cables MUBO-II 04-07-2017 Devlaxmi Wires & Cables
2683 Daya Timbers DLBO-I 22-06-2017
Daya Timbers
2685 Power and Distribution Transformer RJBO 29-05-2017 Power and Distribution Transformer
2686 Manik Gold Computer Testing Lab CHBO-II 03-06-2017 Manik Gold Computer Testing Lab
2690 Shri Ishant Khaneja DLBO-II 03-08-2017
Shri Ishant Khaneja
2693 Arham Hallmarking Centre DLBO-II 02-08-2017 Arham Hallmarking Centre
2694 Jhalak Cables MUBO-II 08-08-2017
Jhalak Cables

Jhalak Cables
2695 Tirupati Foods and Beverages AHBO 17-08-2017 Tirupati Foods and Beverages
2696 Tulsi Ice Factory FRBO 23-08-2017 Tulsi Ice Factory Tulsi Ice Factory
2698 Madhur Jal JDBO 18-08-2017
Madhur Jal

Madhur Jal
2700 Palladium Safety Solution Pvt Ltd DLBO-I 18-08-2017 Palladium Safety Solution Pvt Ltd
2641 Ujjawal Ispat Pvt Ltd NGBO 02-02-2017 Ujjawal Ispat Pvt Ltd Ujjawal Ispat Pvt Ltd
2647 Sri manikyam Assay & Hallmarking Centre VZBO 28-03-2017 Sri manikyam Assay & Hallmarking Centre
2649 S B M Minerals Water CNBO-II 29-03-2017 S B M Minerals Water
2660 Yatharth Aqua AHBO 19-12-2016
Yatharth Aqua

Yatharth Aqua
2679 Comfort Insta-Power Ltd. RJBO 14-06-2017 Comfort Insta-Power Ltd.
2688 J K Aqua Industries PTBO 13-07-2017 J K Aqua Industries J K Aqua Industries
2697 S K A Dairy Foods India (P) Ltd. CNBO-II 14-08-2017 S K A Dairy Foods India (P) Ltd. S K A Dairy Foods India (P) Ltd.
2701 Stericare Surgical Inc. GZBO 06-09-2017 Stericare Surgical Inc. Stericare Surgical Inc.
2705 Sharma Water Industries FRBO 06-09-2017 Sharma Water Industries Sharma Water Industries
2706 Raza Foods & Beverages AHBO 10-10-2017 Raza Foods & Beverages
2708 Sneh Beverages PTBO 14-11-2017
Sneh Beverages

Sneh Beverages
2711 Roop Agency BPBO 24-11-2017
Roop Agency
2712 Ice Rock Food and Beverages BPBO 23-11-2017 Ice Rock Food and Beverages Ice Rock Food and Beverages
2716 Mahavir Enterprises MUBO-II 21-12-2017 Mahavir Enterprises
2717 Maharani Gems (P) Ltd DLBO-I 07-12-2017 Maharani Gems (P) Ltd Maharani Gems (P) Ltd
2718 T V Consumer Marketing CNBO-II 02-01-2018 T V Consumer Marketing
2713 Shree Radha Krishna RPBO 07-12-2017 Shree Radha Krishna

Ramgopal Jewellers RPBO 07-12-2017 Ramgopal Jewellers
2715 Ashtavinayak Rubber Industries AHBO 18-04-2017 Ashtavinayak Rubber Industries
2722 Flam Guard Industries GZBO 03-01-2018 Flam Guard Industries
2723 Jagat Neer Udyog PTBO 19-01-2018 Jagat Neer Udyog Jagat Neer Udyog
2724 J P Hallmarking Centre RJBO 31-01-2018 J P Hallmarking Centre
2728 Rayalaseema Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. HYBO 27-01-2018 Rayalaseema Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.
2730 Cube Aqua Division CNBO-II 02-02-2018 Cube Aqua Division
2733 Tycoon Pump Corp CBBO 06-03-2018 Tycoon Pump Corp
Super Tiles & Blocks HPBO 14-03-2018 Super Tiles & Blocks
2737 Shree Sai Beverages DLBO-I 06-02-2018 Shree Sai Beverages

American Foods Pvt Ltd RJBO 02-02-2018 American Foods Pvt Ltd
2739 Sneha Enterprises HYBO 26-03-2018 Sneha Enterprises
2742 Shiva Ganga Minerals HYBO 22-03-2018 Shiva Ganga Minerals Shiva Ganga Minerals
2744 Munnuri Srinivas HYBO 30-03-2018 Munnuri Srinivas
2745 Shri Pusthakala Yadagiri Rao HYBO 30-03-2018 Shri Pusthakala Yadagiri Rao
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